By londonlimelight, May 10 2015 07:50AM

What should a type 2 diabetes diet consist of? Basically, we should choose a diet that contains low calorie, high quality natural foods or even strict vegetarian diet. Whole grains, bran and oatmeal are very important for our diet but also raw vegetables like red cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, brussel sprout, okra, cucumbers or onions. We should focus on raw foods as they trigger increased insulin production and also stimulate the pancreas. Green beans and cucumber juice help the pancreas to release insulin. Forget about refined sugar. In order for the sugar to be moved from the bloodstreams into the cells, sugar requires insulin produced by your pancreas but also chromium, a trace element. Chromium can be found in natural foods like whole grain. Refined foods lack in chromium, so it is best to avoid them.

In our early years, we have a chromium surplus. Later, as we get older, we lack chromium if our diet is not balanced. If we choose processed foods rich in refined sugar and low on chromium, we need chromium to process the refined sugar. So, our bodies will use the chromium stored in us, up to a point where we will have a small quantity of chromium left, and we will eventually get sick.

Let's not mistake refined table sugar(sucrose sugar) with fructose sugar. Fructose sugar can be found in fresh fruits, which are very good for type 2 diabetes. Fructose sugar does not require insulin in order for the sugar to enter blood cells. But be careful about canned or frozen fruit juices. These are all refined sugar products, so forget about them. Use natural fats only found in avocados and nuts. Don't use free fats as they build up sugar in the bloodstream.

Also, try to eliminate from your diet certain foods prepared with baking powder and baking soda, as they decrease pancreas juices activity. These juices are beeing used by our bodies to digets proteins, fats and carbs.

Avoid stress and constipation as we need at least three eliminations daily, which is crucial for our health. Instead of water you can choose herbal teas. Three cups a day keep us away from constipation and keep our bowels loose. Dandelion root, raspberry leaves and red root are the most common herbals for diabetic herbal teas.To finish, keep in mind these few important advices and start to live the life you deserve.

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